Veterinary ultrasound scanner S5

Short Description:

Ultrasound scanner device for pigs,sheep diagnosis.

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package: 1
  • Packaging: case
  • Amount pieces
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    • 5.5-inch TFT-LCD display screen
    • compact and leight weight
    • portable, battery operated
    • robust, electric probe
    • very easy to clean
    • Complete waterproofing
    • integrated auto-measure function to easily measure back fat
    Technical specifications:
    Detection depth:120-240mm
    Dead zone:≤3mm
    Displsy mode:B,B+B
    Measure functions: Distance, circumference, area,
    Image gray scale: 256 levels
    Probe frequency:3.5MHz
    Scanning range:Convex array 60°~150°
    Memory capacity: >8GB
    Battery capacity: 3000mAH, 7.4V
    Power consumption: 7W
    Weight (incl. probe): 854 g
    Overall size:240*117*40mm
    Standard parts:
    Main machine
    Probe: (Can be choose by customers, one unit with one probe)
    3.5MHz convex probe / 4.0 MHz rectal convex probe / 6.5 MHz
    rectal linear probe
    18650 battery/3000mAh, 4pcs
    Battery charger
    USB cable
    Carry belt
    A bottle of 250ml gel
    An Operating Instruction

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