PURI-EASY water purification system

Short Description:

The equipment purifies the tap water and the purified water can be used for semen dilution.

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package: 1
  • Packaging: box
  • Package size: 53*51.5*74cm
  • Amount pieces
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    •PURI-EASY water purification system, operates with the latest reverse osmosis technology, non-fiber membrane.
    •A microprocessor checks and controls the water quality during the process.
    •Reverse osmosis membrane in combination with an UV sterilizer to make water sterile.
    •The build in self-cleaning function makes the system to have a long problem free life.
    •Pre-warning function will alarm when filters need to be replaced.
    •Easy to operate and maintain
    •It has ten grade filters.




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