Sow oestrus detectiong instrument

Short Description:

This detector is an economical and simple instrument developed by our company to determine the estrus time of sows.

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package: 1
  • Packaging: box
  • Package size: 62*20*10cm
  • Amount pieces
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    For sows whose oestrus is not obvious, this instrument can prompt the accurate estrus period, so as to calculate the fertilization time and improve the pregnancy rate of sows.
    Technical parameters
    Power supply: 6F22 9V battery
    Working current: 8mA
    Display: LCD displays the measured data
    Measurement range: 0-1990
    Measurement accuracy: (R) ± 1%
    Working temperature: 0-50 ℃
    Maximum humidity: 85%
    Low battery display

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