Piglet treatment trolley

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With this specially developed trolley you can treat new-born piglets quickly and efficiently.

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    Take all piglets from barn and place them in a piglet box. Then to do teeth grinding, tail docking, vaccination ,castration and so on.After the finish of the treatment ,put them into another box. When all is done, the piglets are placed on the delivery bed. Piglets can be treated according to certain procedures to avoid the stress of irregular treatment during lactation.
    3 medicine boxes can be used for some tools and medicine. The trolley is equipped with big wheels and small wheels to facilitate forward and turning. The body is made of stainless steel and requires no maintenance or cleaning.
    •Equipped with 2 piglet boxes, 3 medicine boxes
    •Teeth grinder and Tail docker for option
    •Product dimensions:
    Dimensions lower: 145 x 45 cm
    Dimensions upper: 145 x 60 cm
    Height: 90 cm
    From 65 cm height the trolley is 60 cm width and below that 50 cm
    Wheel width: 50 cm

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