Piglet toys

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Piglet anti-bite ball and bite ring

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    The piglet anti-bite ball and bite ring are as toys for piglets; that provide distraction and therefore prevents behavioural and aggressive problems such as tail biting and ear biting.
    These toys comes with a galvanized chain.
    •High quality
    •Organic and safe activity material
    •Chain length:76cm, ball diameter:80mm, bite ring diameter:150mm
    •Colour:white,yellow,red ,orange

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  • Our company developed and produced pig A.I. catheters in 2002. Since then, our business has entered the field of pig A.I.
    Taking ‘Your needs, We achieve’ as our enterprise tenet ,and ‘Lower cost, Higher quality, More innovations’ as our guiding ideology, our company has independently researched and developed pig artificial insemination products.

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