Semen bag in rolls(205*90mm)with zebra cutting,for Wisdom-100 Machine

Short Description:

The size 205*90mm of the semen bag is for Wisdom-100 Machine. Customized printing and shaping are optional.

  • Unit: PC
  • Maximum volume:: 100ml
  • Pieces per package: 2000
  • Packaging: box
  • Amount pieces
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    Maximum volume: 100ml
    Customized printing and shaping are optional, we produce according to Customer’s requests.
    •Easy discharge of semen during insimination.
    •Diluted semen is stored over the largest possible surface.
    •Easy to open and reclose.
    •Contains a UV filtering layer, which improves the storage life of the semen.
    •No pressure is needed to empty the bag
    •Made of very soft, sperm friendly material
    •Frequentely tested for toxicity towards semen.
    •Easy to hang during insemination.

    •1 roll * 500 pcs
    Suited for Wisdom-100 Machine

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