Super-100 full-automatic semen filling and sealing machine with labeling

Short Description:

The Super-100 machine provides a solution for a complete automatic filling ,sealing and labeling for fresh semen production.

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package: 1
  • Packaging: wooden box
  • Amount 1 pieces
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    Technical data:

    • Automatic filling, sealing, labeling and cutting
    • The control system adopt industrial computer to ensure the system stability.
    • Filling accuracy ±1ml
    • Production Capacity :up to 800bags/h
    • Quantity filled: 40-100ml adjustable
    • Labeling content can be set individually
    • Stainless steel cover and aluminum alloy with surface oxidation parts.
    • Power consumption: 55w 220V
    • Dimension: 1543*580*748 mm
    • Matching oil free compressor
    • Stable quality ,easy to operate,easy to maintain

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