Infra-red thermometer

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This is the fast non-contact detector to obtain the actual body temperature.

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package: 50
  • Packaging: box
  • Package size: 69*47*42cm
  • Amount pieces
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    This is the fast non-contact detector to obtain the actual body temperature by measuring shell temperature and automatic transfer under the principle of animal body temperature characteristics.
    ·High precision non-contact animal temperature measurement.
    ·Can choose ℃ or ℉
    ·Animal inner and body surface temperature measurement mode
    ·Adjustable alarm temperature (the preset alarm temperature is 39.5 ℃ for this product)
    ·Buzzing alarm function (Buzzer can be set to on or off)
    ·The LCD with backlight is suitable the usage in weak illumination.
    ·The LED Laser signal is suitable the usage Point to the measure part .
    ·Automatic adaptable range; resolution is 0.1℃(0.1℉).
    ·Can store the most recent 32 measured data (press upwards and downwards key can access to the stored data)
    ·Automatic data storage and shut down.
    Resolution: 0.1℃(0.1℉)
    Storage temperature: 0-50℃(32~122℉)
    Operation temperature: 10~40℃(50~104℉)
    Relative humidity: ≤85%
    Power: two #7 battery in series
    Dimension: 158*90*37MM
    Weight: Gross 267g, Net 137g

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