PURI-CLASSIC water purification system

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The system purifies the tap water and the purified water can be used for semen dilution.The system includes pretreatment module, host + pure water arm and water tank.

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    Pretreatment module:

    Adopt automatic washing ultrafiltration system, microcomputer control, without any maintenance, the service life of more than 3 years,completely liberate experimental personnel.
    Ultrafiltration system can remove water particles, sediment, colloid, microorganisms, etc., and also can remove nanoscale pollutants, ensured the safety and efficiency of the back-end purification components.

    Purified column combination system:

    consist of two pre-protected columns , with large filling amount and guaranteed service life.
    The pre-protected column is filled with activated carbon with stable performance to effectively remove residual chlorine and organic matter, and the silicon phosphorus crystal is used to remove easily scaling ions to ensure the safety of reverse osmosis at the back end.

    Two-stage reverse osmosis system:

    Two-stage reverse osmosis system ensures the quality of water produced and provides excellent inlet water to the EDI module behind.
    Imported with original package, single branch reverse osmosis interception rate up to 95%-99%, with the function of interception rate monitoring, effectively removing organic matters, ions and particles, etc.
    The first stage reverse osmosis adopts 500 GPD at the maximum, with super large water production capacity.
    The waste water is recycled to save water and reduce the consumption of front-end pretreatment.

    EDI module:

    Principle of EDI module: Under the action of electric field, the ions will be removed, continuous regeneration is carried out at the same time, without chemical regeneration and resin replacement.
    EDI module front end without softening column, can also be used for a long time, which can save space and maintenance costs.

    Water intake arm:

    Arm hook, auxiliary magnetic suction design, flexible to take.
    Terminal filter, effectively remove microorganisms and endotoxin, multiple protection of produced water quality.
    The water intake speed is adjustable from 0 to 100%, the maximum is 2L/min.

    Quantified water intake, built-in precision flowmeter, ensure accurate water intake, without personnel on duty.
    Ergonomic design, special material processing, integrated suspension, small footprint.
    Feet water, completely free hands.
    The arm is integrated with the main engine to reduce the footprint;At the same time draw water arm can be extends 90cm, can meet a variety of water intake methods and container specifications.
    60° view screen, button operation comfortable and smooth.

    Intelligent human-machine interaction:

    5-inch touch screen,provide Chinese and English bilingual display, animation icon, simple and convenient.
    Three levels of authority management, in line with the standard and convenient laboratory management.
    The operation status, water quality information, consumable status and alarm information of the instrument are clear at a glance.Quantitative water intake: the water intake is adjustable
    from 0.01 to 60L.
    The water quality report function can view and export the water quality parameters of each water intake. Automatic data storage system, including complete water quality, instrument maintenance and other information, easy to achieve a full range of paperless data management.

    Water tank:

    60L water tank in one body, no dead angle, equipped with air filter and UV lamp as standard.
    Air filter and UV lamp, embedded design, ensure the pure water in the tank is not polluted, while more beautiful.
    Conical bottom design, easy to clean and empty. Multiple interfaces are reserved at the bottom, which can meet various requirements.
    Pressure type liquid level sensor, accurate liquid level display;stainless steel material, stable and durable.

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