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RATO Vision II is a highly precise CASA system for standardized, interactive semen analysis, includes microscope, PC, monitor and all accessories to choose.
Additional Software modules available.
RATO owes the independent intellectual right for this unique system.

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•RATO CASA can accurately analyze the sperm density, linear movement of sperm cell, eliminating variability and error caused by human analysis.
•Within 20 seconds, a complete comprehensive quality analysis of sperm is done, process integrated in smart AI lab program to improve quality and traceability.
•A detailed results report can be exported into a spread sheet such as MS Excel.
•Parametric analysis of semen cell movement.
•The most accurate analysis of semen cell concentration.
•Count the maximum number of spermatozoa.
•Track the movement of single sperm to ensure the accuracy of sperm analysis in the field of vision
•Semen cell test images, video files and all analytical data are stored and can be exported to other documents (e.g., Excel).
•The tested data can be communicate with other instruments.

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