Bite nipple

Short Description:

High quality and durable bite nipple to provide drinking water to pigs.

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package:
  • Packaging: box
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    The drinking water is released once the animals push against the press part or move the press part.
    The nipples are available in various models for piglet,fatteners and sows.
    •Material: stainless steel
    •Diameter connection: 1/2″
    •Type connection: Male thread
    •Equipped with red filter
    •Product parameters:
    Small length:55mm weight:59g pin diameter:5mm suitable for piglets or fattening pigs
    Medium:length:64mm weight:87g pin diameter:8mm suitable for fattening pigs
    Large:length:80mm weight:160g pin diameter:8mm suitable for sows

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