Preheated and heated object stage

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Constant temperature stage adopts digital control technology, high-precision temperature sensor and LED digital tube display. It is used for preheating and heat preservation of samples requiring constant temperature observation. It is a necessary tool for laboratories, analysis rooms, education and scientific research.

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    Technical specifications:

    1. Working voltage: 220V 50Hz

    2.Device Power:40W

    Object stage power:15W

    Preheated stage power:20W


    4.Weight: 2.2KG

    5.Use high-precision temperature sensor, LED digital display, temperature error ± 0.1 ℃.

    6. It is equipped with preheated stage and heatde object stage for the sample to be heated to the required temperature in advance.

    7. Equipped with current fuse, temperature fuse and other safety devices, safe and reliable.

    8. High durability encoder knob, easy and fast operation

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