Sample cup, sample tube

Short Description:

Closable sample cups for testing the quality of semen.

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package(2ml): 500pcs/bag,50bags/carton
  • Pieces per package(5ml): 500pcs/bag,50bags/carton
  • Packaging: carton
  • Package size: 66*47*59cm
  • Specification
    Amount pieces
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    •Fill one or several tubes with fresh or diluted semen immediately after semen collection and store at 17°C alongside the semen in A.I. tubes or bottles

    •The quality of the semen can then easily be checked, for instance daily or prior to insemination

    •The tube only needs to be warmed in the hand to bring it to body temperature and to examine the specimen directly under the microscope

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