Foam catheter with cut handle + intra-uterus probe with graduation

Short Description:

The foam catheter includes an intra-uterus probe.Its main feature is the special shape of the tip, making it even easier to insert the probe.

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package: 500
  • Packaging: box
  • Package size: 84*46*24cm
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    •Ideal spreading of the semen at the end of the probe
    •The probe has a graduation in centimeters from 0 to 15 cm
    •With special fixation handle ensures that the probe stays at the same depth during insemination
    •Time saving: Tube can be emptied at once (about 30 seconds)
    •Less semen per sow: Only 30 to 40 ml semen needed per insemination.

    Product dimensions:

    Length: 75 cm
    Diameter foam: 22 mm

    Technical specifications:
    Suitable for: sows
    Pipette type: foam pipette
    Contents: 500 pieces
    Individually wrapped: yes
    Provided with aseptic gel: no/yes to choose
    Closing cap: no
    Intra-uterus probe: yes

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  • Our company developed and produced pig A.I. catheters in 2002. Since then, our business has entered the field of pig A.I.
    Taking ‘Your needs, We achieve’ as our enterprise tenet ,and ‘Lower cost, Higher quality, More innovations’ as our guiding ideology, our company has independently researched and developed pig artificial insemination products.

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