Gilt foam catheter with handle, total length of 55cms

Short Description:

Gilt foam pipette with handle for the artificial insemination of sows

  • Unit: PC
  • Pieces per package: 500
  • Packaging: box
  • Package size: 62*46*23cm
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    •Specially designed to stay in the gilt for a while after insemination, in order to stimulate the uterus for a longer period of time and thus increase the absorption of sperm.

    •Prevents damage to the cervix
    •Perfectly sealed cervix
    •Sealing cap prevents backflow of sperm
    •Optimal fertilization possibilities

    Product dimensions:
    Length: 55 cm
    Diameter foam: 19 mm

    Technical specifications:

    Suitable for: gilts
    Pipette type: foam pipette
    Contents: 500 pieces
    Individually wrapped: yes
    Provided with aseptic gel: no/yes to choose
    Closing cap: yes
    Extension: no
    Intra-uterus probe: no

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