How to improve the success of artificial insemination sat once? 7-Step operation method, learn it!

How to improve the success of artificial insemination sat once? 7-Step operation method, learn it!

For the majority of farmers, sow mating is the most troublesome headache, not only toss, have time mating success rate is also low, more toss.Large farmers are ok, there may be special technicians to operate, and rural small and medium-sized breeding, especially free-range farmers, no matter what skills, at most also rely on an experience, so the success rate has been a difficult problem.So in view of this problem, the following is to introduce how to improve the success rate of sows.

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Firstly, cleaning and disinfection is very critical

Before breeding sows, sows need to wash and disinfect to avoid bacterial infection of the uterus.First of all, to clean the Y sow with water, in the summer hot weather, you can directly wash with the water pipe, clean water cleaning with disinfectant, can mix appropriate concentration of potassium permanganate, and then use a towel wet scrub the pig after the drive.After 15 minutes of disinfection, you can rinse again with a pointed mouth pot of distilled water. Pay attention to rinse the outside first, and then rinse the inside.Finally, dry away the water stains.

Note: to the cleaning and disinfection of pigs is really the key, many rural small and medium-sized farmers do not have this awareness, to pay more attention to the future.

Secondly, drive the boar on the shelves

Pay attention to the boar, to ensure that the sow is in a static reflex state, and then the strong boar to the front of the sow, face to face to stimulate the sow, the sow desire to match, each few plate fixed with the boar, and work within half an hour.

Thirdly, artificial insemination technical skills

When manual treatment, choose the appropriate size of artificial insemination tube, pay attention to lubricate the sponge part of the front section of the vas with lubrication fluid, otherwise it will cause sow discomfort, and then slowly gently input the tube into the sow’s body.Note in the input tilt 45 degrees upward 5 cm, and then flat slowly input, counterclockwise rotation, while input, after feel resistance, drag back about 1 cm, until feel the vas pull will have certain resistance, that has reached the right part, and then can be artificial insemination.Artificial insemination technology skills are the key, many small and medium-sized rural farmers do not understand the use of skills, so we must remember the relevant methods and steps.

Fourthly, press the stimulation

Staff can ride backwards on the back of the sow, or put a sandbag on the back of the sow for stimulation, while massaging the sow Y department with the hand.If the breeding personnel sitting on the back of the sow can tighten the abdomen of the sow legs, and then rub the back of the sow and the abdomen, and rub the breast part of the sow, this will play a very good effect!

Fifthly, time control

During manual operation, remove the semen in advance and shake it well to remove the air in the vas deferens, and then gently pinch the bottle.In this process, do not squeeze the bottle, if half, you can put a small hole at the bottom of the bottle, use air to import the semen, if absorbed too fast, you can put the bottle down, to prevent rapid inhalation of liquid caused by backflow.The time is best controlled at about 5 minutes.

Sixthly, the time to stay

After the liquid in the tube is fully input into the sow, do not remove it immediately, fold the tail of the tube into the sperm transfer bottle, continue to stimulate for 2 minutes, and then remove it clockwise after 5 minutes.

Seventhly, make good relevant records

Remember to do a good record of sow mating and calculate the time. In the sow mating to remember these points can greatly improve the success rate of sow mating, I hope these methods can give the majority of farmers, especially the small and medium-sized rural farmers some technical guidance, if there are problems or other problems in breeding, welcome private messages.

Post time: May-06-2022