RATO at VIV ASIA 2023 Exhibition in Thailand

On March 8, 2023,VIV ASIA opened at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the exhibition is “The complete feed to the food supply chain” and renowned companies from more than 50 countries and professional audiences from more than 100 countries participated in the event.
At this exhibition, QINGDAO RATO exhibited a range of pig A.I. products, including dummy sow, CASA system, PURI-EASY water purification system, diluent thermostatic stirring barrel, Wisdom-100 & Super-100 automatic semen filling and sealing machine , 17°semen thermostatic storage and various AI consumable. These products have attracted many visitors to our booth for consultation and exchange, and have been well received.Some visitors have ordered our products directly on site.
With VIV ASIA as an opportunity, QINGDAO RATO will contribute its share to the development of the pig artificial insemination industry in the coming days, providing better products and services to all countries and regions around the world.







Post time: Mar-28-2023