Product Up-Gradation: Piglet Handling Truck

Multi-purpose piglet handling Truck - Well begun is half done

Based on the actual use of domestic pig farms, RATO developed this multi-functional piglet truck to solve the problems of cross infection, high fatality rate, low growth rate, high labor intensity and long time, etc. caused by traditional piglet handling by customers. After testing in many pig farms, the results were excellent.

The piglet treatment truck can increase the speed of piglet treatment. Tail breaking, teeth grinding, castration, ear tag, vaccines and nutrients (e.g. iron supplementation, etc.) of different age can be completed in one vehicle.The main width of the piglet cart is 46cm and the maximum width is 58cm. The table can be rotated 180° and translated on both sides to facilitate the use of the birthing bed on both sides.The car body is equipped with a medicine box, which can be placed in the disposable equipment.


Considering the actual use of different pig farms, 24V charging model is added, and all functional parts can be selected according to the table below.


1. Docking tails: Complete with new European piglet tail cutter

Aiming at the problem of traditional cutter easy to infection and difficult to control, European tail cutter is adopted to ensure that the cutter is at a reasonable and constant temperature through constant temperature cutter. According to the length of pig tail, adjust the reasonable baffle position to break the tail at high temperature. The wound can be hot-closed instantly to prevent blood pollution and reduce infection.


2. Grinding teeth: Matching German BOSCH piglet teeth molars

Tens of thousands of rotation speed, skilled operation in only 5-10 seconds can be used to smooth the tooth surface, good use effect, reduce labor force, improve labor efficiency, effectively prevent piglets from harming each other, increase food intake, reduce the incidence of dental disease.


3. Needleless Injector


Syringe without needle points pressure system and injection system, after nearly 10 years development, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of (the United States, Canada) products abroad, the wing of a group of companies such as series of experiments in recent years, there is no needle injection is better than that of conventional injection, which can effectively avoid cross infection, liquid medicine is more efficient, of piglet stimuli smaller, there is no problem of broken needles.The pressure adjustment device is set for the needle-free syringe, which can adjust the pressure according to the need to realize different injection depth.

The pressure of the injection system is provided by the air compressor through the gas storage tank and the pressure stabilizing system to ensure that the injection pressure is constant.


As can be seen from the comparison figure, the needleless injection of liquid in the irregular conical shape of spray diffusion, easy to absorb.

4. Piglets Castrated

According to the continuous experiment and optimization in each large pig farm, combined with the pig farm operation habits to choose the optimal structure form, the operation is very convenient, piglets legs pinned, buttocks up, a person's hands can easily castrate.

The Expo piglet handling truck combines the advantages and disadvantages of similar foreign products. It has a thorough innovation in the traditional piglet handling process, such as tail clipping, teeth grinding, injection and castration. It can slide and rotate the workbench and operate from both sides.It is necessary for the efficient work of large-scale pig farms.


Post time: Oct-30-2020