2022 | 2023 CAHE RATO(Sipert) looks forward to meeting you in Chengdu

The 20th (2022 | 2023) China Animal Husbandry Expo and 2022 | 2023 China International Animal Husbandry Expo will be held on May 18th at the Western China International Expo City (Chengdu). The exhibition area of this animal husbandry expo is 210000 square meters, with over 10500 booths and over 1500 exhibitors, Including national exhibition groups from the United States, the Netherlands, France, and Denmark, as well as domestic representatives from numerous foreign enterprises, it is expected that the professional audience will exceed 200000 people.
RATO(Sipert)developed and produced pig A.I. catheters in 2002. Since then, our company has independently researched and developed pig artificial insemination products, now we have a full range of products from semen collection, semen analysis, semen preparation, semen packaging, semen storage &t transport, and A.I. instruments and consumables.
On May 18th, we will gather in Chengdu and welcome you to RATO (Spert) booth for exchange and cooperation. (Booth number: 1508).





Post time: Apr-18-2023